Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Do you want to be part of this year's Indie Advent Calendar?


I'm still looking for writers who'd like to participate in the Indie Author's Advent Calendar 2016. This is the third year I'm running this and we've got a lot of regular readers. So it's a great way to introduce your way of writing to an interested audience.

What I'll need from you:
- one speculative flash story or no more than 1000 words (which means Fantasy, SciFi, or any subgenre thereof -- the story doesn't have to be about Christmas)
- one bonus for list members (another story, a poem, a picture, a recipe)
- a short bio (3 sentences)
- an author photo (or avatar placeholder photo)
- a link (to your website, your preferred social media site, your eMail signup)

That's all. Send everything to me (remove the brackets around the @).
I'm looking forward to your stories, but you'll  have to be fast. The calendar is nearly full (you can contact me with the easy stuff first and send the rest later).

Enjoy the season, and if you're doing NaNo, keep up the good work.

Monday, November 2, 2015



I'm doing NaNo again this year, and look at my overal 2015 wordcount. I'm really, really pleased with it. It's nearly twice as much as I managed last year. Now, if I can stay on this level next year too, it'll be an extremely productive year.

Are you NaNoing too?