Monday, July 7, 2014

trying CampNaNo


I'm currently working on the second volume of my time travel series "Terry and the Folding Rule of Time", and I'm using CampNaNo for the first draft. To catch up, I'll have to write another 2K words today -- which I won't do because there are also other things that need to be done. Anyway, I did write some more on a second project (another fairy tale retelling, this time: Brother and Sister by the brothers Grimm).

How are your projects coming?


Danyelle L. said...

Yay! Brother and Sister is one of my favorites. *writing cookies*

Katharina Gerlach said...

Haha. It's my mother in law's favorite too. I'll send you an ARC when it's done.

Crystal Collier said...

I look up to anyone who can manage a NaNo event. I did one once and it killed me.

That said, my projects are rocking--but probably not as quickly as yours. I hope you have the most productive summer!

Katharina Gerlach said...

Thanks. I hope so too but once the kids are on holiday I'll have to take a break.