Thursday, July 11, 2013

work and pleasure


I've been working my a** off the last year and it's finally paying off (a little). With every book I release, I earn a little money. I'm encouraged enough to actually think about a series I had wanted to write all along.

It's about a young woman who wants to be part of the magical police of her world although she doesn't have much conventional magic. I developed a magical system for the first volume (which will come out this fall) that I simply love. It's modelled a bit after the carbon cycle (for those who are into biology). It will be a challenge because the "longest" series I ever wrote are the two volumes of the Waldman Family Saga (YA historical) and they weren't planned as a series and work as stand alones too.

Since developing a series takes "a little" time, and since my kids insist on a "real" holiday for this year, I decided to take a break. I'll go camping beside the Baltic Sea with my family where there's no Internet access. All I'm taking along work-wise is my series planning. As run down as I feel at the moment, the idea alone is bliss. Since this is a rather spontaneous idea, I have not scheduled any posts for the time of my absence. I hope you don't mind.

Surely, I'll be my usual cheerful self again when I return mid-August.
Enjoy your days,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Some good news (at least for me)


I am doing the happy dance today. My Wattpad story "Swordplay", a YA fantasy murder mystery, made it into the final round in "The Write Awards 2013". This contest is looking for well crafted stories on Wattpad, and the competition was fierce. We started out with nearly 100 participants and have been narrowed down to 10 by now. Mid-August, they will announce the winner.

Also, my novel "Scotland's Guardians" passed the first round of judging for the "Kindle Book Review: Best eBook 2013 Award" and is now a semifinalist in the Young Adult category.

Finally, two of my short stories have been accepted for (paid) publication in anthologies in the US. One story made it into the "Think Sideways Writers Anthology" of writing teacher Holly Lisle, the other will be published in an anthology by Freedom Forge Press.

All these good news make up for the fact that I don't get much done with the kids on holiday.

Have a good time,