Friday, September 20, 2013

rip-off: German eBook platforms conspiere against Indies


I am currently trying to get my books into the shops of German eBook sellers -- it's a nightmare. Not enough that an ISBN is obligatory (getting them is a whole different chapter of rambling on my part), most also require me to list my books in a list of books available for sale, the so called VBL. Listing a book there costs 3,40EUR per title per year WITH A MINIMUM FEE of 70,-EUR! I call that robbery.

Then, I found several services similar to Smashwords and contacted them. Most do not accept ePub, only PDFs that they then "convert" to ePub. How can I control the quality of my eBooks if I'm not allowed to upload them myself? Converters are good for those who are no programmers, but I've got a PhD in programming for C's sake.

To top it off, I found out that I have to pay an "upload fee" for some of them of 250,-EUR per title. That's pure rip-off. I am currently of the opinion that those firms do not trust the growth of the eBook market. They try to squeeze as much money out of the Indie authors as they can. I, for one, will stay away from those.

The problem remains. How will I get my eBooks to the reader aside from amazon? I'm still searching.
Keep your fingers crossed for me,


Corona Sjusjun said...

I was going to recommend Kobo. They seem to have a friendly system. But I noticed you're already on there :)

Katharina Gerlach said...

I know Kobo. The problem is that they don't distribute to other retailers. But I found a service that will (hopefully) deliver my eBooks to most German retailers.