Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I beg you, webcomic creators


I'm back at translating reMIND, the best webcomic I've read in recent years. It's aimed at children AND grown ups, and combines an interesting story with incredible artwork. I was so taken that I asked the artist if I could translate this story into German. He gave me permission and I started working on the story enthusiastically.

I still am (as you can see by the progress-meter in my sidebar) working on it. The translation itself went fast and was fairly easy, the thing that drives me nuts is putting the translated texts into the speech bubbles and adjusting sound effects. Often, the bubbles are too small, since German often uses more words than English. Worst are the places where the sound effects have accidentally been merged with the background.

So, here's my plea to all webcomic creators who hope to get translated one day: please, pretty please, do NOT merge sound effects into your art. It's a nightmare to adjust especially if the language in question uses a completely different alphabet (like many Aisan languages or Russian).

That said, I'm still as enthusiastically working on the comic and hope to have the second volume finished by the end of October (so I'll be free to NaNo once more this year). Will any of you NaNo? If so, let me know your username so I can buddy you if I haven't already.

Have a great day,


Frauke said...

What a brilliant webcomic! Thanks for pointing it out :)

I will be doing NaNo, by the way, so see you in November! :D

Katharina Gerlach said...

Looking forward to see you there. ;-)
And yes, it's a truly stunning webcomic.

Corona Sjusjun said...

Wow, nice webcomic! It looks awesome. If the story is half as good as the illustrations, I should be in for a ride :)

Katharina Gerlach said...

I love the story, but it's an all ager, and some people don't like that.