Sunday, August 4, 2013

help needed on another cover


I'm currently working on the cover for my next release "Swordplay" (a YA fantasy mystery). I decided to make a series out of it (because my wattpad readers encouraged me), so the old cover doesn't fit any more. Aside from the fonts, I liked the first cover well enough, but it would be hard to create a similar look for a series.

For the new cover, I had planned to put several dark silouettes on a white background and combine it with a major plot element (like the sword). Then, I stumbled over this picture (background)which catches the essence of my novels. I like the new cover much better since it shows the chaotic magic that's whirling though my world. Unfortunately, it makes the background rather noisy. I tried to work around this restriction and think this will look nice.

I could use the same cover but with a different color-scheme for the individual volumes of the series (the titles for vol 2 and 3 are still made up. I only finalize the titles AFTER I write the book). What do you think. Does it look dynamic enough or is it too chaotic?

Thank you for your help,


thepencilneck said...

Those look great!

Frauke said...

Since they're in monochrome and you have a nice, bold title punched out in neutral white, I think these work. What you could try, just for comparison, is to tune down the opacity of ONLY the graphics layer to a lower percentage and see if those look better. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like me to take a look :)Frauke

Carol Englehaupt said...

I like the concept. I like the font. The only suggestion I have would be to tone down the busyness of the bubbles, or whatever they are. They are nice and tie the books together but they hold equal attention with your name and title.

I'd rather see them recede into the background just a little bit to give your title and author name a bit more authority.

Katharina Gerlach said...

What if I put the author name at the top and the Gendarmerie Logo at the bottom?

Sam Austin said...

I think they look great. As for putting the author name at the top, that's what I do under dean wesley smith's advice. He says your author name is your brand, so you have to make sure people see and remember it.

I don't think it's too much, in fact I think the patterns would make a lot of people stop for a second look which is what you want.

So my vote is cool cover, and maybe try moving around the author name and logo if you want and see how it looks.

Katharina Gerlach said...

Thanks for all the feedback. I greatly appreciate it.