Thursday, July 11, 2013

work and pleasure


I've been working my a** off the last year and it's finally paying off (a little). With every book I release, I earn a little money. I'm encouraged enough to actually think about a series I had wanted to write all along.

It's about a young woman who wants to be part of the magical police of her world although she doesn't have much conventional magic. I developed a magical system for the first volume (which will come out this fall) that I simply love. It's modelled a bit after the carbon cycle (for those who are into biology). It will be a challenge because the "longest" series I ever wrote are the two volumes of the Waldman Family Saga (YA historical) and they weren't planned as a series and work as stand alones too.

Since developing a series takes "a little" time, and since my kids insist on a "real" holiday for this year, I decided to take a break. I'll go camping beside the Baltic Sea with my family where there's no Internet access. All I'm taking along work-wise is my series planning. As run down as I feel at the moment, the idea alone is bliss. Since this is a rather spontaneous idea, I have not scheduled any posts for the time of my absence. I hope you don't mind.

Surely, I'll be my usual cheerful self again when I return mid-August.
Enjoy your days,


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hope you hve a great time on your break and look forward to your return to posting. Your series sounds like a really original idea. Good luck with it.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...
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Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

It was deleted because somehow I posted the same comment twice.

Katharina Gerlach said...

Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, I had a good time. I'll post about it later.