Thursday, June 20, 2013

My trip to Kent and the ideas it spawned


as promised, here are some of the pictures I took when I was in Kent. I loved it there. Wish we had a gulf stream around. My garden would look a lot nicer. ;-) At east, the trip brought back my enthusiasm for gardening. I thought I had lost it, but was wring. So I spend much of the really lovely, sunshiny days since my return in my garden trying to master the chaos. It will take time. Nearly 10 year of neglect don't undo themselves in a few days.

Now, for the photos and the ideas they spawned:

This is Canterbury Cathedral. I loved the symmetry of the view. With the ghost of Canterbury in the back of my mind, my Muse insisted there would have to be a nun's ghost walking these corridors. Since that's rather cliché, I send the idea back to my Muse to mull it over again and come up with something more interesting. She usually does, although it sometimes takes time.

I saw this motorcycle in a shop window in Rye, a small fishermen village. The minute I realized it was all hand made, I wanted to put a witch on it who could drive it around the country pollution free. One day, she'll make it into one of my stories. Promised.

When I took this photo (it might be a mulberry tree), I wondered if the tree snatched people from the chair to send them somewhere (maybe to the fairy queen). It looks rather predatory, doesn't it? I know that when my Muse has figured out where the snatched up people go, I'll have another short story to write.

You see, my trip was lovely. I posted more photos on my author homepage. Now, tell me, does your imagination run riot too when you're visiting new places?
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