Tuesday, May 28, 2013



for the last two days, it's been raining so much, we were truly rained in. In the valley where we live runs a small river. It rose so high that all bridges were several feet under water. Hubby had to race around making sure that the sewage system didn't collapse under the onslaught of water (which would have been a major catastrophe for my hubby as well as for nature). He managed to keep everything running smoothly (I think his employers don't appreciate him enough).

For me, it was a peaceful time. I wrote much more than usual since the dog didn't want to leave the house for more than was absolutely necessary. Also, the kids were home late yesterday because their buses had to take a different route over a rarely used bridge on a road barely more than a dirt track. It was an adventure for them and another 1/2 hour for me.

Just so you know what I'm up to:
1. I'm still writing and posting a YA fantasy murder mystery named "Swordplay". If you've got a Wattpad account, please vote for it and/or leave feedback. I'll leave the first draft up until I finish revision, but I'll take it down before publication.
2. I'm translating "Juma's Rain" into German while typing in the changes I made to the manuscript during revision.
3. I'm translating reMIND Volume two
4. I'm preparing "Urchin King" for publication in German in July

and the garden is sxploding, demanding more and more of my time. Sometimes, I wish I were two people. One for the house and family and a second one for writing and marketing and all the rest.
How about you? Where could you use help?

Tell me,

P.S.: Luckily, today was a sunny day before the rain is supposed to come back until the weekend (according to the weather forecast)

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