Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do you like Vikings? And Zombies? How about Viking zombies?


Thea, a friend of mine, is currently writing a novelette with Viking zombies, and she has an Indiegogo-campaign running to fund cover art, editing, proofreading and the lot. Many people help her to reach her goal (which is a truly modest one, I've seen much higher prices). One of her loyal supporters is Sarah, and this is what she's got to say about Thea's campaign:

Every so often  you come across a writer who can explain something so perfectly and beautifully that you instantly fall in love with everything they do. My friend Thea is that kind of writer. Words to her are like magic to a wizard; she waves her wand over her writing pad and WOOSH! The world is left with a distinct feeling that something important just happened.

When I read her first book Dreaming of Her and Other Stories I spent about two days in a post-reading-the-book trance. Everything looked different. It was my favourite sort of book – books with stories that stay with you, that linger. The ones that shake up something inside of you that can’t quite settle back down again.
That’s why, when Thea announced she was writing a new book, The Illuminated Heart, this time a novella based on a fairytale, I got excited. My insides got nervous, anticipating a new shake-up. Then I read how it was based on a Norweigan fairytale, set in Iceland and uses a Japanese story structure called kishotenketsu. By the way, it will be the first ever novella written in the English Language to use the kishotenketsu story structure. That made it sound even more pretty damn awesome.

But those points, although very cool, aren’t the most excellent part about The Illuminated Heart. The best bit is: Thea is using crowd sourcing to help make it the best possible book it can be. Complete with extremely cool cover art (trust me, she showed me a sneak peak of the mock up cover art. The picture I’ve used for this post is cool – the picture she’s going to use is perfect.), paper back copies and professional editing services. So it’s not just going to be an awesome book about polar bears, princesses saving princes with Viking Zombies in it, it’s going to be a fully awesome novella that’s funded by people who are already in love with it.

The Indiegogo Campaign has just one week left to complete its funding goal of C$500 (around £320) and it’s still got half way to go! You can read the first two chapters of The Illuminated Heart here and once you’ve done that you can contribute to the book on it’s Indiegogo campaign. And in a few years time when Thea is a famous author, you can say “I helped fund her book”. It’ll happen.

I second her plea to support Thea. She's a really talented author. So if you can spare a dime, donate -- and if you haven't, at least spread the word.


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