Friday, December 7, 2012

The crap life throws at you...


there I was, thinking I could write the final 20K of Juma's Rain comfortably before Christmas, and then my PC began to falter. First, the sound died, making it impossible to Skype with a couple of fellow authors. Next, the PC began to crash whenever I had more than one program open. Now, there are hickups when I boot. It's very obviously trying to tell me that a 10yr. old PC needs its retirement. Well, a new one has been ordered (although it's a stretch financially) and will hopefully arrive soon. Of course, I will then need even more time to reinstall all the programs I'm using and to move all my data. Sigh.

If you want to help, tell your friends about my books (History: Ann Angel's Freedom, 4 & 5 star reviews; Fantasy: Urchin King & Amadi-Trilogy, 5 star reviews; Horror: Flesh&Blood, 5 star reviews; Non-Fiction: 33 Mistakes Writers Make About Mother Nature what can I say, I like to write different genres, but my favorite is still fantasy) and send them to my amazon page to buy one. I'd appreciate that very much since it would alleviate the financial strain. If you don't have friends, please like the books, or tag them, or leave a review (if you read them that is).

Thanks a ton in advance,


Anna Tan said...

Ugh! Hope you get your new PC soon.

Mine just died a sudden death.

Katharina Gerlach said...

Poor thing. A sudden death is worse because it's far more difficult to save the essential files and settings. Hope you can afford a good one.