Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feedback needed on cover art


I took some time off NaNoWriMo tonight and made a preliminary cover for my current project "Juma's Rain". The novel is currently half done (slightly over 46,000 words), and the downhill exhalaration is setting in. I'm so looking forward to next week, when I start the half that will bring me to the big showdown. Here is a very short description of what's going on in the story:

During a drought, apprentice witch Juma needs to wake the rain-goddess before her suitor is sacrificed to heat-daemon Mubuntu and with him her only chance to become the tribe's leader.

I haven't bought any of the pictures I need (yet) because I'm still not sure which one I like best. Could you tell me your opinion, please? Here are the candidates:

Thank you for your help,


Maria Zannini said...

Definitely the first one. It's very evocative. The parched land and the ghosted face gets your meaning across nicely.

The middle one is trying too hard and the third one is too busy for my taste.

Hope that helps.

Katharina Gerlach said...

Thanks for the fast feedback

Thea van Diepen said...

I'm torn between the first and third picture, personally. I guess it really depends on the tone of the story (which isn't completely apparent from your description). The third would be good if it's a quirky story but, if it's not, then the first one would be the best.

One question I have, though: Is that the font you're going to use on the final covers, or is that a placeholder until you figure that part out?

Trekelny said...

Hi Cat, for my money it's the first one by almost a mile. The second looks like a mistake with the title bar over her eyes (and she still has eyes in the back!). The third is fine but doesn't evoke an adventure story to me. Hope this helps.

Texanne Kelly said...

The first one seems best to me. The second one--I don't care much for the face, though it's a nice face, with the eyes pulled out and set separately over the mountains.

The third cover is pretty, but it makes me think of a party or a modern ballet company.

I'm surprised you're on blogspot! You make a nice site, no matter what platform you use. :)TX

Sally said...

The first one for me, mysterious and evocative. No to the middle one, don't like the band across the face blocking out the eyes and the third one is too modernistic. Good luck

Amy said...

My initial reaction was that I liked the second one - I'm clearly in the minority. For me it evokes the idea that she is seeing something beyond herself. I do understand the objections though, and can't really disagree.

I'm not a huge fan of the third one. But it's less about the style of the art than that the title feels rather ungrounded to me. It might be fixable with some tweaking, but I like the first one better anyway, so it's a moot point.

Peter Cruikshank said...

Cat, I really like the first one. It is very dramatic and I love the eyes. Don't like #2. #3 would work depending upon the bent of the story. If really serious, #1 - if rather quirky, as someone else said, then #3.

Katharina Gerlach said...

Thanks a lot for all your comments. Number one it will be then. It was my favorite anyway. Now, I need to buy the licenses. ;-)