Sunday, October 21, 2012

NaNo, here I come


I'm participating in NaNo for the 5th time this year, and I will try to finish writing a project I started last year during NaNo. It's tentatively called "Juma's Rain".

During a drought, apprentice witch Juma needs to wake the rain-goddess before her suitor is sacrificed to heat-daemon Mubuntu and with him her only chance to become a tribe leader.

Juma joins the young women in the tribe's main village's training camp. She's determined to claim her right to become chieftess, a "job" her mother declined when she followed Juma's father to the border of the tribe's land. Of course, her cousin Kandra, the current chieftess' daughter, will do her best to stop her. And it doesn't help that Juma is slowly falling for Kandra's brother.

During one training session, Juma discovers that she is magically talented. To get her out of the way, Kendra arranges that Juma is apprenticed to the aging village witch. While the two witches desperately try to call rain, Juma discovers that heat daemon Mubuntu has captured the rain goddess in an eternal sleep, and she's the only one who might be able to wake her.

Things get really desperate when neighboring tribes invade and the water-deprived tribe members request the sacrifice of the chieftess' son to appease Mubuntu. Together with her love, Juma sets out on a journey to wake the goddess before things get out of hand.

I'm writing this one in English first and will then translate it back into German because it's much faster that way. For this story, I've got a small imprint of a medium sized publisher in mind where it would fit perfectly. But first, I need to get it finished.

Good NaNoing to all of you who will take part too.
Enjoy November for allof you who don't. ;-)



Peter Cruikshank said...

I will see you at NaNo, I am looking forward to it. And just because you wanted something else to do you have been tagged in The Next Big Thing blog hop - by me :0) Enjoy!

Cat said...

Hi Peter, anything I need to do for that Blog Hop?