Monday, October 8, 2012

How comes...

... I can still cry over Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel?

Some songs jut touch my heart. It doesn't happen with many songs but this one sure qualifies. Ever so rarely it happens with books to. I cried over "Joe Jacoby" by Junius Watson, where a mistreated dog is rescued by a young boy who gets into deep trouble over it. To me, it hardly ever happens with films. The only one I can think of was a version of Charles Dickens's Christmas Carol, and I'd cried over the book before.

So what makes a son, a book, or a film cry-worthy to me? I think it's the way the author pulls me into the story, the way I can identify with one of the characters in the story. I truly believe that the most gifted authors are those that manage to pull their readers in so well they forget the world around them.

And I think, true sorrow and humor are the two emotions hardest to write since the triggers for either are different for every single reader. I bet you cried over other books, might not even have heard about those I read. I am always happy when a reader tells me (s)he couldn't put down my book because that means I managed to make the real world disappear for a while. For me, that's the greatest compliment I can get.

How about you? Do you cry over books, music, or films? Do you think that stories affected you more in your youth than they do nowadays? I'd love to know, so leave me a comment.


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