Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween


over here in Germany, we don't celebrate Halloween. At this time of the year, a lot of kids go with their lanterns. In some areas, they go around "trick or treat"-ing in November but not where I live. In my little village, the kids visit the houses for sweets in February during "Karneval" when they dress up as gaudily as possible to scare away the winter. It's been said to help. ;-)

Still, I got into the whole pumpkin carving business when I lived with my adopted Scottish family. My brothers always wanted a pumpkin, but (back then) weren't allowed to use a sharp knife. So, it became my duty to carve the pumpkin when I was around. I loved it so much that I carved pumpkins for many years. Only the last few years have been so busy that I never found the time for it.

This year was different. With my yearly goal nearly reached (only 2300 of 324.000 words left), I took half a day off and asked my kids what kind of pumpkin they want. They insisted on a friendly cat.

May it ease you into the season of darkness and spook.

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