Monday, July 9, 2012

KDP Select: First month


so, the excitement of the first week is over, any my novel "Engels Freiheit" is still selling relatively well in Germany. The American version fell back to where it was before the promotion, but I think that's probably due to less exposure. The German version got much higher in its category then the English version did. That is something to take into consideration.

Also, I see more sales of my fantasy novels. It seems that at least some readers of historical novels enjoy the occasional fantasy (or the other way round). Maybe the semi-finalist status of "Urchin King" has added to the increase in sales too.

Now, if I can raise the income with my next release, I'm on the right track. ;-)

Enjoy your day,

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Giora said...

Hallo. I read the summary of your book. It's nice that it's based on history. Is the story of Adam courting Angel's mother also based on history, or just fiction? Thanks.