Thursday, June 21, 2012

new verve - Thank you all


I was blown away by the download numbers on my free Amazon Campaign for Ann Angel's Freedom (and the German Engels Freiheit). I gave a way several THOUSAND copies. It seems that the new cover raised much more interest than the first one. Thank you for all your advice.

This partial success invigorated me a lot and I decided to change my schedule and posting habits to become a bit more reliable. I thought long and hard on what I want for this blog and all my other online presences and came up with a plan.

Since I didn't get many comments on the reviews I posted on this blog, I decided to put reviews exclusively on my Homepage. The front there is a blog too. I hope to attract readers that way. On this blog, I will keep chronicling anything writing related, which means stuff writers might be interested in.

The next few weeks, I will monitor and comment on what results I had from using the KDP-Select program. Then, we'll see what comes up next, but I think it could be about marketing since that's what I'm currently struggling with the most.

I hope to see/read you along this journey,

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