Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KDP-Select: first week results


The first week after my fee book promotion on Amazon has finished, and I'm taking stock.

Sales ranks:
The German version, Engels Freiheit, rose to rank 35 in its category the day after the promo and has been on 45 consistently for the last few days.

The English version, Ann Angel's Freedom, reached rank 97 for a while and dropped out of sight again.

Sales reflect the same. While sales on the German site are at least 10 times higher than before, sales on the British and American sites are still slow. I believe this is due to the greater visibility on the German site. After all, there are less reasonably priced eBooks available in German on the German site, and many Germans don't like to read in English.

For my next campaign (I've got 3 promo days left), I will try a different time window. Maybe, it is better to include one weekend day in the free period. Also, I will have to check out how I can promote the free days better. If readers don't find my books, they can't buy them.

Does any of you, dear followers, have experiences with using KDP-Select's free days?
We'll see how it goes.


A.M. Schultz said...


That is phenomenal that you were able to get 4,000 copies into readers' hands and in front of their eyes. Your comment to my blog post made me look at the promotional possibilities of the freeBook a little differently, and I would say that accomplishing that in 2 days is nothing short of spectacular.

Keep up the good work!

Auf Wiederhören,


Cat said...

Yes, it took my breath away too. I'll keep in touch.