Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final cover -- what do you think?


I rummaged around shutterstock and stumbled over this picture. It encompasses everything (historical time period, young farm girl) but the romance. Still, I think it makes a lovely cover. What do you think?

Ann Angel's Freedom will be available first week of June at Amazon and Smashwords. Links will follow.

OK, that's me back into the swing of things. It seems that the pills (tiny pink ones) help with my blood pressure very well. So I can run full steam ahead. Yeah!

Enjoy the day.

6 comments: said...

Might be an idea to edit the photograph, see if you can come up with any good affects.

Cat said...

Like what? I already "vanished" a modern screw in the spinning wheel. All suggestions are welcome.

Sophia said...

Hey Cat,
I love the photo. If you want to play around, you could try it out in sepia or there's a filter that darkens the edges. Or both. Might give it more of an "old fashioned" feel. But I like it as is, so go with your gut about it. My only critique is the titling. I think the yellow is too light since the photo is light. Also, the font doesn't seem to fit the time period for me. The font you chose says fantasy genre to me. And I'm not sure about including "historical romance" on the cover, unless you have reason to believe it's good for marketing. I think the title would pack more punch without it. Just my thoughts.

Cat said...

Thanks. I'm still not entirely done with the cover but I'll use this photo. Historical Romance is for marketing but I could move it to some other place or just put it in the description. About the font, I actually tried an old German font but it was impossible to read even for those who know how to read the fint. I might have to make my own letters for this one. Grrr

Stephanie said...

I love it. A simple image, communicating your time period and character. The title is also compelling. I would certainly pick it up to see what it was about.

Cat said...

Thank you Stephanie.