Monday, January 23, 2012

dear me, I'm productive


guess what, I wrote nearly 18,000 words in 13 days! I'm so proud of me. And I end up with 1-2 hours left every morning where I can do other stuff. So I decided to get more serious about blogging. Also, I will start revising my Choose Your Own Adventure Fairy Tale Murder Mystery (what a mouthful). I'd love to release "Chasing the Grimm Reaper" soon. I guess, the hardest bit will be to write a decent cover blurb. After all, the story twists in so many directions, it's probably hard to capture in a blurb. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Also, I decided that this blog will focus on stuff that might be of interest to other authors, on stuff that I'm interested in, and on details about my writing (including upcoming releases etc), whereas my other blog (on my homepage) will focus solely on stuff that's interesting for my readers and on my books.

So, enjoy the day as much as I do,


Miranda Hardy said...

Thats awesome! You have been very productive. Keep it up!

Cat said...

I'm working on it. I'm so excited about the new publishing possibilities.

R. J. Ropsen said...

Congratulations! You have been very busy! Writing rocks. :)

Cat said...

Thanks. Yes, it does. I'm so happy that it's finally going somewhere.

yikici said...

Excellent stuff! You are doing remarkably well; well done. :)

I'm flying past as a campaigner, nice to meet you.

Cat said...

Nice to meet you too.

Robyn Campbell said...

Cat! You have had the BIC and you should be proud of you. Sweeet!

I like the way you will handle your blogs. Very professional.

Hand in there, pal. Life is good! *waving*

Cat said...

Thanks but what is BIC?