Tuesday, October 11, 2011

your last chance


remember how I have been gushing about Holly Lisle's courses "How to Think Sideways" and "How to Revise Your Novel"? Well, she decided to stop teaching. She'll close all her courses the way they are now for good and turn them into eBook self-teaching courses. I understand her very much, after all, her passion (like mine) lies in creating stories, not in teaching. I respect her decision, but I thought I'd let you know that if you act before the end of January 2012, you can still join the courses the way they were meant to be (and get lifetime access to the incredibly helpful forums as well).

I'm not urging anyone to take the courses but I highly recommend them. They taught me all I ever needed to know about writing. Even my German agent agreed that my stories improved considerably. Also, I don't re-write half as much as I used to -- not due to laziness but because there are less faults to start with. Do yourself a favor, join the courses. The pricing is reasonable (maybe give yourself a nice x-mas present).

For me, "How to Think Sideways" and "How to Revise Your Novel" are the best writing courses I ever took, and I only wish they had been around years earlier. They would have saved me a lot of sweat and work.

Enjoy the autumn,


Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Cat, I already subscribe to Holly Lisle's emails and they are GREAT. Can you tell me more about the revising course. I'm interested, but the price always held me back. How often do the lessons come? Is it self-paced? How much homework? Etc.


Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Cat, Thanks so much! I just signed up (through your link). The course is a Christmas gift from my hubby. Can't wait to get started!