Saturday, September 3, 2011

totally non related to writing -- is it?


pondering what to write next, I realized how many people talk about the weather when they don't know what to say. I decided that for once, this is probably a veritable subject. If you look at how freakish this summer has been... In Germany, temperatures went from 7°C in the morning to 29°C in the afternoon. Hurricanes and tropical storms seem to be on TV more often than politicians these days. I call that crazy.

Does this come as a surprise? Not to me. Many people have been warning us for such a long time that climate changes will come. Well, here they are, and I fear they're here to stay. Is there anything we can do about it? I don't know but I do sincerely hope so. I want my kids (and not yet born grandkids) to grow up in a world where they don't have to fight unfavorable weather conditions to survive. I try to teach my children to treat nature with more care. Why not use the bike or your own two feet rather than the car? Why not wear another jumper so I can keep the central heating down a bit?

I know those are drops on a hot stone. But a wise man once said: If a lot of small people in a lot of small places to a lot of small things, they can change the face of the world.

I know it works. I am currently seeing traditional publishers (even the BIG ones) look around in confusion not comprehending the Indie-eBook-publisher Revolution. Those are small people in small places and change already started.

Let's get the ball rolling for nature too.


TeresaR said...

I completely agree! My husband is a climatologist and has studied (is still studying) climate change, and it always shocks me that there are still climate change deniers out there. I suspect they don't fully understand the science behind it.

Cat said...

Thanks for your encouraging words. I already thought I'd alienate my followers. Should have known better. ;-)

The only way out of this problem I can see is to educate as many people as I can. It's definitely not easy. I just hope that God has some built in idiot-proof fail saves for our world or we'll be in big trouble.

Cynthia said...

Not, not getting rid of us. I agree. I should also do more on my part as well. I'll try harder to go green!

Brenda Sills said...

Hi Cat! I love this! And it's so true how a lot of little things accomplish big things. And oh how I love nature so I'm all for the little things there too.

I'm so happy I found you! I love, love, love your blog! It just has such a wonderful feel to it and you seem like such a marvelous person. I had a great time reading about you in your ABOUT ME tab - you wove such an enchanting tale about yourself. And I can't wait to read your book THE WITCHES OF GREENWITCH!

I'm a fellow campaigner in the Fantasy category. I'm not in your group, but something about you just drew me in and I was so impressed by you when I visited your blog. I'm so happy to know you!

Cat said...

Cynthia, try baby steps. It's the only way that works. ;-)

Hi Brenda, I'm glad you like my musings (secretly blushing upon all that praise). Actually, I've got two blogs, this one for random thoughts about life and writing, the other one is on my webpage ( and it's more about myself and my writing. I'll check out your blog/webpage asap.