Thursday, September 15, 2011

Campaign Bloghop


as a campaigner (Why do I always want to write champaigner?) I decided to become part of a bloghop (actually more like a ring or circle), where every participant (eleven in total) links to the next in the chain. Out theme is "Who started your dream?" and I just posted my entry on my homepage-blog. Check it out of you're interested.


P.S. I got another award, the Versatile Blogger award. Before I can put it up, I've got to do some research. Since I'm very busy writing the end of "Chasing the Grimm Reaper" (see the widget at the sidebar?), I'll cope with that at a later date. Promised!


i'm erin. said...

I just found your blog from Ali Cross's. I'm sorry if I sound stalker-ish. But your blog is pretty cool. And I should participate in the who started your dream...but I can't say I even remember.

Cat said...

Well, you can say that, can't you? Head over to my website-blog and post a comment. You don't have to say who started your dream. Some dreams don't get started, they are simply there one day.