Wednesday, August 17, 2011

for all writers of kidlit


just a quick one to remind you that WriteOnCon has begun. The first day is already over, but the content is still there. You can watch the videos, read and re-read chats and articles. It's awesome content for absolutely free. And you can enter give-aways (manuscript/query critiques, books, other stuff).

Go right now, I command you. (Well, I would if I could) And if you've got a dime, donate too, so the ladies can bring WriteOnCon back next year.


P.S.: School will start again tomorrow, that means my writing and my posting will get more regular again.
P.S.S.: I wonder why the blogger editor always puts weird hyperlink-text into my posts. I don't tell it to.


TeresaR said...

Thank you for turning me onto to WriteCon! Alas, I've had to miss most of it because we've been on the road to and from a relative's funeral. Still, what I saw was so great, I made a donation. Next year, I hope nothing will prevent me from attending. :)

Cat said...

You can still read all the articles and watch the videos. I'm living half way round the world. When the interesting stuff comes up, I'm always in bed or preparing something for the kids.

Cynthia said...

thanks for the updates. I'm glad my kids will be back on schedule too.

Cat said...

My youngest will need at least a week to get used to the school schedule again. She's a night owl and finds it really hard to get up at 6am. But if she doesn't, she'll miss the bus.

TeresaR said...

Yes, I'll definitely have to read the archives! :)

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Hi, Cat, thanks for following me.