Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I hate summer holidays


with worry I saw the summer holidays drawing nearer every day. When the kids are home, I don't get much writing done regardless of how much I had planned. At least, this summer is supposed to be a warm one. Maybe, I can take my tomboys to the pool every day. There are some really nice, shaded areas where I could write.

So far, my plans for going Indie are coming around the way I want them. I designed the website for the books (I will focus on Fantasy, SciFi and historical novels), found a partner or two and decided on how to attract readers. It won't be much longer until the first story goes live, and I hope many of you will like it.

Until then,

P.S.: and heads up, summer holidays will be over in no time.


TeresaR said...

Can't wait to check out your Indie website! Good luck with finding activities to occupy your boys. :)

Cat said...

I'll let you know what it (and the first novel) will be up. ;-)

Raven said...

I'm glad the Indie plans are going so well, and like Teresa, I look forward to seeing your website.

Cat said...

I'll update soon. Got so much to tell!

Cat said...

I'll update soon. Got so much to tell!