Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hollywood, here I come!


guess what, a very talented fellow writer who is just starting her own business is making a trailer for one of my novels. She is currently sc the scenes. Oh, I'm terribly excited. But it's still secret -- that means I'm not going to tell you which novel or any other details. I will post it on this blog as soon as everything is done, and I will release the novel soon after on my publishing website Independent Bookworm (I think I forgot to link it from here, or did I?).

So many things are happening. Stay tuned and enjoy your life,


TeresaR said...

That is extremely exciting news...and what fun too! I'm off on blog-break and vacation the next month but can't wait to catch up on all the details when I get back in August. :)

p.s. there's an extraneous "" code stuck in the post

Cat said...

I don't understand how those links get in my posts. When I posted, it wasn't there. Thanks for pointing it out. Have a lot of fun on holiday and may the weather be nice, the food delicious, the family understanding and the suntan perfect.

alexia said...

Oooh, exciting! I love book trailers. Actually, I just started a monthly urban fantasy newsletter, and one of the regular features is "book trailer of the month". So, if yours is fantasy, which seems likely, let me know when it's finished and I'd love to feature it!

Cat said...

Wow, thanks. Of course I'll contact you. We're currently selecting the music and scouting for locations and actors. It's not easy to find twins. ;-)