Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going Indie, guest post and overtime


over the last few weeks, I've been terribly busy. Since I decided to go Indie in July, there were so many things to do and to consider that it ate into my family time already. Then, I got a request for a book proposal that needs to be done asap -- hand in date next Monday. I love the concept I came up with but writing 20 quality pages (not first draft material) in a single week is exhausting because I couldn't put aside the other stuff that needs to get done (like setting up the website for my Indie business, finishing my WIP, the middle grade ghost story, keeping up with my household and being there for my kids ... of course, the kids are first priority, the the writing).

When I felt too tired, I found this little bit of wisdom by the daughter of one of my crit partners:
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. Krisz daughter
It is soooooo true. I printed it out and hung it over my snoopy-newspaper-clip on the wall where I can see it whenever I sit down to write. I'm feeling more relaxed already.

So I was quite happy, when I got another request for a guest blog-post. Sherry Soule will present her paranormal romance novel "Beautifully Broken" on this blog in a few weeks. I so much like the cover.

So, this is me back to work. I decided I will enjoy the storm while it lasts, and try to finish as much as I can without going nuts. I'll keep you posted on the going Indie stuff,


TeresaR said...

Krisz has a very wise daughter! What a great quote. Good luck with getting it all done. :)

Cat said...

I'm surprised what I can do if I have to ;-)