Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going Indie again


I just opened the doors to a website I will be sharing with two other authors. Maybe, we'll have more join us at a later time, but we'll start out with us three. We will focus on Fantasy and Historical Novels with the occasional Science Fiction thrown in. My first co-Indie-author, Will Hahn, has just put up his first story "The Ring and the Flag" at Smashwords. Since I was one of his beta-readers, I know it fairly well and can only recommend it. I loved it although I usually don't much care for Heroic Fantasy. Will is an expert at keeping the story interesting even through the bits that would be boring by other authors.

My projects are back on track after I had to put them aside for a week for a requested project. It was fun coming up with an idea based on several requested features, but smoothing out the bumps might take a little longer. At least, I wrote the requested reading sample of 20 pages in 3 1/2 days. And I will be caught up with all my other projects by the end of this week.

Now, give Will's story a try, and enjoy the rest of the week,


TeresaR said...

Cat, I think there's some coding error...your second sentence is truncated and the photo that's supposed to be there isn't showing up.

Cat said...

Thanks for the tip. I changed it right away. I didn't insert a picture there, that must have happened during the hickuppy upload. Sometimes, I hate my Internet connection. It's so unreliable.

Krisz said...

Good luck with the website. It's always exciting to team up with other authors you admire. Way to go, Will!

Cat said...

Thanks Krisz