Sunday, May 15, 2011

summer is coming - win a first draft


for the last few weeks, I've been focusing on getting back into writing my ghost story. Unfortunately, with the summer coming nearer every day (the local pool just opened this weekend), I am not getting the mood right. Today, I decided to let it sit for a while. If I force the story, I only have much more to clear up in revision. So, now, I will start writing the "Non-Linear Fairy Tale Murder Mystery" I have been planning ever since January. I decided to write it in English and translate what I have written into German the same day. Thus, I've got two finished first drafts at the end.

But I need help. "Non-Linear Fairy Tale Murder Mystery" is too long and NLFTMM wouldn't make sense to most people. Please help me find a title. If I pick yours, you will get the full NLFTMM for free, and before anyone else will be able to buy it (or you can be a beta-reader, giving feedback on the first draft). Up to May 31st, you can post a title suggestion in the comments. I'll announce a winner on June 1st.

Some facts about the story:
- the main character is the reader (but I won't use 2nd person POV)
- (s)he takes on a job that Sherlock Holmes declined
- the story features many popular Grimm fairy tales (e.g. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin and many more)
- and a couple of characters from more adult stories (e.g. Ogers, Fantomas, Beauty and Beast)
- the main character will not return to the real world before the mystery is solved (unless (s)he chose so)

I'm looking forward to your suggestions,

P.S.: If I combine two titles, both commenters will get the the price.


Marty said...

Chasing the Grimm Reaper

this must be good... my "word Verification" is deadly!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I'll have to try to think of something. I'll post it if I do. Sounds like a great story.

Thea said...

Thus Sherlock Did Tremble

Of course, I'm assuming that that's why he declined the job... :)

Danielle said...

I know your contest has ended, but I read your basic story facts and I tried to think of another title for you. I know titles are tricky and after some thought I came up with:

Grimm Enigma

I was teetering around something with folklore but I wasn't sure if you were focusing on specifically fairy tales. So, there you have it.

Cat said...

Thanks Danielle, since not many participated, I'll award you 4th place -- and you'll get the beginning of the story too.