Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still working and the contest is still running too


I'm working on my novels when a flash of (literary) lightning struck. So I wrote a 2700 word short story over the weekend and translated it into German. It's about Katie who moves into a house with a lovely wild garden, only to discover that the neighbor is trying to make Katie's mother turn their lovely garden into a geometrical abnormality like hers. It was fun to write, but as always, the translation was tedious. I'll send the German version to a competition soon, and decided to use the English version as a bonus to my first e-book.

The NLFTMM is coming along nicely. I just discovered that one of my characters is a RSS agent. Well, that was quite a surprise, even for myself. Now, I've got even more paths to travel to finish this story. But it's great fun. BTW, I'm still looking for a title. Why don't you post your suggestion in my little contest to win the first draft. It's a bit boring to choose a winner from just two entries.

Even the ghost story is growing slowly. In the evening hours, when the world is blue, my mood is right for working a little bit on it.

Enjoy your week,


alexia said...

Sounds like a lot of great writing inspiration! Way to go!

Cat said...

Thanks. I'm trying to write as much as I can while the kids are away.

TeresaR said...

I'm so impressed that you whipped out a short story plus the translation over a weekend! I'm trying to just write one little short story this weekend and it's not happening. :}

Cat said...

That doesn't happen often but when I get a particularly good idea, and if the required wordcount is low, it can happen. It's so much fun when all the pieces of the puzzle are in the right place and you only need to write the whole thing down. At that point it's only a matter of how fast I can type. ;-) I wish it would happen more often.

TeresaR said...

Wouldn't it be nice if that happened all the time and just by our wishing for it? :)

Cat said...

I wouldn't mind ;-)