Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writing Related Ecology 1


since I am currently revising my MG time travel novel, I wanted to point out something that has annoyed me no end. I always print my manuscript - single sided - because it's so much easier to find mistakes or to rearrange paragraphs (real cut and paste with scissors and glue). Many people I know have expressed their concern, calling this wasteful.

It isn't.

1. A lot of the pulp needed for making paper comes from recycled paper.
2. The timber used for paper comes from trees that are either too thin or too irregular to be used for anything else (from furniture to plywood). Thus, the money earned with it helps to keep forest-workers in their jobs.
3. If you still worry, make sure that you buy paper with timber from sustainable forestry (with the FSC-certified logo ).

A wasteful use of paper is to print out things you don't need to print. But if I want to get my novel as good as I can possibly get it, I need to see my manuscript printed on a paper. Far more difficult is the great amount of ink that is needed to print the lot. To minimize the negative effect the ink has on nature, I use EcoFont. That is a font resembling Arial but it has many, tiny holes in the letters. On screen it is unreadable but in printing it saves a lot of ink, and you don't notice the difference unless you print really huge letters.

I hope this helps,

P.S.: I thought I had figured out how this scheduling thing works on blogger, but I can't seem to get it right. I start a new post, write it, and change the "Post Options" to the date and time I want it published. But when I just save it, it goes up as draft, and if I click "Publish", it gets published right away. What am I doing wrong?


Penhaligon said...

Hi Cat! I was excited to see you had a blog :D

Also, I had no idea about that EcoFont thing, I am definitely gonna use it next time I have to print a manuscript!

I printed mine double sided, but as I haven't got to the cutting/write in stage I cant say how it will help or hinder me... I am thinking I will staple pieces of paper to appropriate places when i need to write new scenes etc... although I can't say whether that is more or less wasteful than just printing it all out single sided...

in time we shall tell I suppose.


Cat said...

Saving ink saves you money, too.
Printing double sided could become a problem during cut and paste especially if you've got many scenes to move around. But there are work arounds (you can color code the scenes you need to move for example).