Thursday, February 3, 2011

illness hits

Sorry, but I have to delay my plans for at least this week. My hubby is ill and my youngest daughter too, and I'm not feeling too well either. Also, my eldest wants to celebrate her 16th birthday, and the only one fit enough to bake a cake is my 9-yr-old. I'll be back as soon as possible.



Vamchoir said...
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Vamchoir said...

I am so sorry for your illness (and for the struggles around your family). May you all be feeling pink and full of vitality very soon.

Somewhere, from the dark recesses of my mind, this post reminded me of a very silly magnet I saw long ago which read: "Elvis is dead, and I'm not feeling too well either."

May you kick whatever ails all of you and return to posting the most riveting information, once again.

~ Tami

Cat said...

Thanks so much. I'm very slowly recovering. Hopefully, I'll be back on Monday to write a new post.