Friday, February 11, 2011



I always loved Egypt although I've never been there. All the more, I'm fascinated by what's happening there at the moment. My heart goes out to the young (and not so young) people fighting for a new way of life. After the speech last night, I was worried that things would get messy but the people kept their temper despite their growing frustration. I draw my hat to that. It is absolutely incredible.

The more I watch the demonstrations and speeches the more it reminds me of the protest of my Eastern German fellows in 1989/90. Oh, there are many differences but there are also some similarities. Like in the GDR, a single spark - a misjudged situation, an uncaring official, an ignorant bureaucrat - could start a catastrophe, and I am worried sick. But I also see how brave the people of Egypt are, and how well they manage to contain their rage. Sure, it's not much, but I adore the way they handle this, and I pray (regardless of religion, religion shouldn't limit our compassion) that their revolution will end successfully and peacefully.

And now, I'll return to watching the news.
So should you.

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