Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I am sorry that I will not be able to post for a little while. I just got a request from an editor at one of the bigger German publishing houses for the full manuscript of a novel I wrote. Of course, checking it one final time before sending has priority. I’ll try to be as fast about it as I can possibly be.

Now, Kid Tip 2:
If you move to a new house/flat or if you take in a foster child, make sure the kids bed is placed in a similar position as in his/her last room. Getting the same kind of light as before makes it easier for the child to get used to the new surroundings.

Sorry again,


rosehips said...

Do you take in foster children, Cat? That's something I've always thought about doing. I admire people who do!

Cat said...

I've got two foster kids. One is 16 since February, the other is 8. Both are disabled due to their biological mother's drinking habits. I also have another (healthy) daughter (9) - and she's the one I admire. It isn't easy for her to live with two disabled siblings, sharing her mother and fighting the urge to lash out when the sisters do something so stupid a 5-yr-old would know it's wrong.
I love all three of them dearly, and I never, not for a second, regretted our decision (hubby's in the boat, too) to take them in. Although I do admit, there are times, when I would like to shake some sense into them (that applies to all three).

rosehips said...

Do you hear that? That's me applauding you and your family! You're an inspiration to me. :)

Cat said...