Thursday, January 20, 2011

I won a Blog-award! My first one ever! Thank you so much. I hereby present to you:

Seven things about me

1. I hate big cities and wouldn't visit New York for all the money in the world.
2. I would visit New York for a meeting with an agent or a publisher (hate sucks).
3. I definitely wouldn't take my kids to New York or any other super sized city.
4. I love daydreaming, preferably in a forest.
5. I'm still a member of "women in forestry" although I haven't worked in forestry since my PhD.
6. Despite my undersized figure, I'm not eating all the time and I love sport (Nordic Walking, swimming, cycling, walking the dog) as long as I don't call it sport.
7. More than anything in the wolrd, I love my family (all included)

I think that should do. Do you think you know me better now?
Oh, before you go, please read the previous post again and help me decide what to blog about in the future.

Have a wonderful day,

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