Sunday, November 7, 2010


here's my next try at the logline-blurb thingy:

Sixteen year old Rieke Waldmann neither wants to follow her mother's advice to marry Heiner, the young miller, nor emigrate with her secret love Willem. When Willem leaves home and fights in the German revolution of 1848, Rieke battles her growing attraction to gentle Heiner, the only person who helps her cope with disturbing truths about her late father that could cost her her love, her friendship and her home.

It's definitely shorter but is it better, too?

P.S.: I think I commented on all the loglines/blurbs from those who commented on mine but if I missed yours, leave me a comment and I'll get to yours ASAP.


djmills said...

replacde "who helps her to cope" with "who helps her cope". Otherwise, well written. :-)
Good luck with it.

Cat said...


Marieke said...

I saw you made it into the first cut of the Auction as well! Grats! :D

It sounds like an intriguing story. I love the 1848 revolutions as background, such an interesting period :)

Cat said...

Thanks. Let's see who makes it into the final round. I'm looking forward to critiquing the entries. With NaNo over, I should have enough time to do quite a lot.