Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy dance!

Hi all,

Guess what, my story Thicker Than Water (written with HTTS (see below) and the first novel I wrote in English without writing a German first draft) is a finalist in the Colorado Gold Writing Contest 2010 in Speculative Fiction from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

I'm sure that I won't win because Kristin Nelson already rejected the manuscript a while ago, but the comments I received were very valuable and spot on. Now, I will revise the whole thing again, and maybe, I'll be able to find an agent then. I'm ever so excited. I would love to know though, how many entries there were per category.

Holly (and her courses How to Think Sideways and How to Revise Your Novel) rock!!! I can't say that often enough.

Enjoy life,
Cat (a very happy and purring one today)

P.S.: I'll rant about WriteOnCon next week. Promise.


Melissa Gill said...

That's awesome news Kat. If you've revised based on Kristin's comments, I don't see why you shouldn't win. Good luck with that. I'm totally astounded that you can write so beautifully in English, without writing in German first. That is truly amazing.

Cat said...

I found that when I translate from Germany to English, my writing always sounds slightly wrong. I'm too stuck in German sentence structure I guess ;-)
I am really proud of getting this far and even if I don't win, the comments I got from the judges were very valuable.

Texanne said...

You know I love this story and hope to see it published. This is a nice big step on the way. Woohoo!

Curiocat said...

Angela here from HtTS
What wonderful news. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Cat said...

Thank you all. I'm very, very excited. If nothing else, it's something to put in my query.