Monday, July 19, 2010

Will you defend PIRACY?

Famous composer Jason Robert Brown has a great discussion on the theft of intellectual property over at his blog. Maybe I'm too old, but I do not understand the girls arguments. For me, it is obvious that someone suffers when I steal. I have been raised to respect someone else's property (and there is no difference if this is a thing you can touch or a thought/idea/song/story). Aren't kids like her aware that they are actually stealing? Do they think writing a song or a story or a novel is easy-peasy and we, the creators (authors, songwriters etc), do it just for fun?

Writing a short story can take me as long as a week. Writing a novel will take the better part of a year, if I work 4-8 hrs a day. I do not think it is justified for ANYONE BUT ME to distribute anything I worked so hard for for free. If I decide to give it away, it is my choice. If someone else steals it and passes it on, it is not my choice - and this is not considering the form of compensation for the work of a human being that societies all over the world agreed upon (talking about money here).

If young people do not understand that what they are doing is illegal and hurts the artist they (admittedly) admire, they might wake up in a world where artists just can't afford to create any more because they are too busy to make ends meet.

Think about it, and please spread awareness about piracy if you can.

P.S.: In Germany, you will get into jail for four years if you are caught. I think that although it might not help much, I might make some kids reconsider.


Melissa Gill said...

Thank you for posting this amazing interchange.

This is so typical of a US teen. The sense of entitlement that teenagers in this country have now days is just astonishing. And frankly quite scary.

Little Eleanor clearly felt that as the "Center of the Universe" she was entitled to any little thing she needs to help her "career".

It sounds like Mr. Brown got her straightened out eventually. But unfortunatley, this is just a symptom of a bigger problem that we have her in the US.

Cat said...

Well, I do not think she changed her mind. She did what he requested but she never really understood his point of view - and that scared the hell out of me.

djmills said...

testing commenting on your site. :-)

Cat said...

Ha! So it seems like it's working after all. welcome djmills.