Tuesday, May 18, 2010

endings - a love and hate affair


I'm nearing the end of my first draft ( a mere 10K shorter than planned but with lots of ideas how to reach the wordcount goal in revision), and I notice that I begin to procrastinate again. This happens every time I get close to the showdown of a story (exception: short stories).

It is such a good time for writing, since life has pretty much returned to normal, but instead of my usual 1000-1500 words per day, I can't manage more that 800-900. And that's not because I have problems with my planned ending. I've been looking forward to that end ever since I started writing the story. Somehow, I just seem reluctant to let the story go. Does that happen to other writers, too?

Well, off to work we go...


Theresa Milstein said...

I've never decided on a word count per day, so I can't berate myself for slacking. When I'm writing a rough draft, I'm pretty prolific. And I can't wait to get to the end, like it's a race.

But for editing, I have productive and unproductive days. I guess I like the potential of the story more than fixing it!

Good luck with finishing up the story.

Cat said...

I love writing first draft and since I plan just the right amount for the way I work, I have fun all the way. It's just when I'm nearing the end, I don't want to finish. More than once I noticed that I begin to procrastinate (which is especially easy when I have family stuff going on a the same time).

I get the race doing revisions. I just love filing the rough-story diamond into shape.

Thanks for the good wishes. I promise to turn off the Internet until I finish my daily goal. ;-)

Ryan Sullivan said...

I've been here. With my project before last, my goal was 60K, and it ended up at 55k. This recent one, my goal was 75K, and it ended up at 68K.

It's odd. For my first two books, the stories had been with me for years, so it was really hard to let go. But this recent one went from idea to finished-out-to-editors-product in about 6 months, so I never really got that attached--which is kind of sad.

Happy blogging!

harada57 said...