Monday, November 30, 2009

Final NaNo for 2009


this will be the last post on NaNo for this year. I surprised myself by winning. After feeling to numb to write a single line for several days I never thought I'd catch up. But I did. Now I can concentrate on revising my last novel while planning the next. That is the rhythm I like.

I'm looking forward to writing my next project (Urban Fantasy) and I expect to begin some time in January.

Oh, and welcome to my followers. I never thought I'd get any. ;-)

I wish you a wonderful advent,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more NaNo


I started so well and now I am behind. What happened? My story is well planned and my fingers itch to write but ... I caught a cold and didn't go to the doctor. It turned out to be a bad infection of the lung and it took me two weeks to get back on track writing wise. Every word I write leaves me exhausted. By now I am feeling better. The last few days were a mad dash to catch up but I am feeling exited enough to keep trying. If all goes well I might still make it.

Hope you are all well,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



so, I am doing it again, this year. Am I crazy or a word addict? Maybe a bit of both. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those who don't know) has come again and I am already fully involved. I wrote 6.984 words in the last four days and it was fun to do. I didn't even had to hustle like last year. With all my kids in school till noon, I finally have the time to write the whole morning. I am surprised about myself how much I get done in 4 hours.

Currently, I am finishing my Amadi-project because I like it too much to abandon it. And I don't feel like returning to it after writing another novel. That means I won't be able to start my NaNo-novel before the 12th. I decided to "cheat" a little and count both novels. After all, I began the third part of Amadi (planned 25.000 words) on November 1st and even if it is more of a novelette, I'll get a finished draft by the middle of the month. Then, I'll dig into my brand new, shiny project called "Swordplay". I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and for all those NaNo-ers out there: Have you already donated to keep the fun going for another year?

Finally, here is an announcement. Since I finished translating "Victor's Rage" in time, I will do a special pre-release print run for all people who loved "Ann Angel's Freedom". Everybody who is interested in owning a copy long before it will be officially published, should contact me or leave a comment with his/her email address on this post. I will try hard to get it done in time for x-mas.

Follow your dream to wherever it may lead,