Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Project

I’m getting started on my new project and hope to complete it (incl. revision) some time in May. I had planned to start it during NaNo after I finished my last project but I got ill and wrote short-stories instead. I’ll send one of those (a ghost story aimed at kids 6-12) to a competition today.

My new project is a Fantasy-murder-mystery called "Swordplay" and I plan to market it as Urban Fantasy. It’s aimed at older teens, so it needs a good love-sub-plot. I did all my dot-and-lines and my Sentences Lite in November, so I can did right into it first thing tomorrow morning.


Today, I will finally be able to finish my assignment for Holly’s HtRYN-course. I had troubles getting it done because my printer refused to print the last few pages and Holly specifically said: No reading on the screen. I hate that printer and need some money to buy a new one. So keep your fingers crossed that my short-story wins (because that would earn me enough for a printer)

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