Wednesday, October 14, 2009



it seems that I haven't been as back as I had planned. Sorry for that but I did get a lot done meanwhile. I have most of my historical novel translated (translating "Ann Angel's Freedom" took a year, this one will be done under 3 months), finished part two of my WIP and did a last revision on a story that I plan to post online for free both in German and English. Also, I found a very talented girl who will do illustrations for every chapter I post but she need to built up a buffer before we can start. After all, she is just taking her final exams in school and that is a lot of work, too.

Now, I am working double time to get my WIP done before NaNoWriMo starts again. I got all the planning done but need to close my WIP first before I can concentrate on a new project. I am really looking forward to that. It's going to be a fantasy Who-Done-it and I'm really eager to start. December and January will be devoted to revision. After all, I will have two finished first drafts lying around by then - if all goes as planned.

I wish you as much fun as I am currently having,

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