Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm back


after a long time without Internet I am now returning. I started my new project and finished the second scene. Yesterday, we celebrated the confirmation of my eldest daughter and although it was a lot of work it also was fun.

I am planning on writing roughly 1000 words of "Amadi" and two pages of the translation of "Victor's Rage" a day, excluding weekends and Tuesdays. After all, I have a family to look after. Also, my homepage will get a major site overhaul in the near future which might take away some writing time.

The first part of "Amadi" will tell the story of a foundling girl who becomes a member of the guild of thieves in a male dominated world (in a 1001 Arabian Nights Setting) to find out who killed her beloved teacher.

Also, I found two interesting quizzes on the net. With the first one you can find out what kind of reading personality you are (I am all four in equal measures but I already suspected that). In the second you find out whick book you would be if you were turned into one (I am "Timeline" by Michael Crichton: I am energetic, passionate, scientific, and very intriguing in your history (that's what the quiz-result said, not me!). I am the perfect mixture of quantum physics and European history of the High Middle Ages. My characters are thought out, dynamic, and interesting. I am thrilling.).

And last but not least, one of the five American agents I sent "Thicker Than Water" to requested a partial (I saw a statistic on some agents blog and she didn't request a single manuscript in nearly 200, so I am reasonable proud of this success).

Keep reading and/or writing and enjoy the world,

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