Saturday, April 4, 2009

April already


I meant to post a little folly on April Fool's Day but I got seriously ill instead. That way, I was fooled. Lucky for me, my kids behaved. Somehow they can if they know I'm not well (which doesn't happen all that often).

I am glad that I finished "Victor's Rage". It is now out on submission and I hope to hear something in a month or two. Also, my agent had some encouraging news for me and we brainstormed several new projects. I decided on a YA in a setting resembling 1001-Arabian-Nights. It (for now called "Amadi") is shaping up nicely and if all goes well I will start writing by the end of the month.

Till then I will tend my garden. At the moment it is an overgrown, uneven wasteland with wild narcissus blooming everywhere. But since I want other plants to grow, too, it's about time I get involved. The last two days (with a lot of sunshine) I weeded the 4 flowerbeds to the front and filled them with bark mulch. Next week will find me in the back-garden freeing the roses from the creepers and clipping raspberries and blackberries.

I wish all of you just as much fun in the sun,

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