Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I am a bit sorry that "Thicker Than Water" was rejected in the ABNA contest after the second round of judging. On the other hand, getting into the group of the top 2000 is not bad considering that they took 10.000 entries. I still think it is a fabulous story. Hmmmm. Maybe they rejected it because it is a MG-story? After all, they were (sort of) looking for the top American Novel. Since all this is guesswork only, So, I'll be waiting for the promised reviews to find out why it was rejected.

On the upside, I am very happy with the way my revision is going. I nearly finished the rewrite of the reordered scenes (two more to go). If all goes well I should get through the rest of the novel by the end of the following week. I wrote and rewrote the synopsis and I began the fine-tuning (grammar, style and spelling) and polished the first 50 pages. All in all, a quite successful week.

And as Holly Lisle said: Never give up on your dreams.

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