Friday, March 6, 2009



Jubilee! I finally found out how to get rid of a couple of problems I (and my proof reader) had with the part of "Victor's Rage" I am currently revising. I have been pondering it the whole week while nibbling at the scenes trying to make them fit.

The change I'll have to make is drastic: I have to put 7 scenes in a new order, write one more, change the MC in another one and then get out all the kinks and leftover bits of text that usually clutter the manuscript after such an operation. It'll be more work than I had planned but it seems to be the right decision.

So far, I rearranged the scenes and began rewriting the first one. It's exhilarating! Do you know the feeling when you do a really complicated puzzle and suddenly the most difficult pieces start falling into place? The excitement that keeps you awake until the puzzle is finished or until you're too tired to move your fingers? Well, that's the way I feel right now.

Stay true to your dreams,

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