Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired but happy

On the 31st of January I finished polishing most of my entry for the "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award". Right on time at one minute past midnight EST (6:01am in Germany), I entered my novel "Thicker Than Water". It went much smother than I expected although I fussed over the pitch to the last minute. Now, please keep your finger's crossed for me.
Here is the cover art for "Thicker Than Water" that I came up with for NaNo:

After I reduced my excitement to a bearable level, I decided to get back into revision mode. The first thing I revised was my house. I spring cleaned it for three days in a row and now it sparkles an shines. And a good thing it did because my parents and in-laws came for my eldest's birthday, yesterday. Now, I'm just catching up on updating my various web-presences and tomorrow I will get on with revising "Victor's Anger" while I hatch some new ideas.

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Marina said...

Fingers crossed and toes too. Good luck!