Monday, February 23, 2009



I have been burdened over the weekend with filling out the annual tax-papers. It's such a hustle to get everything right but if I don't do it we pay way too much for tax. It took me half a day to sort all the paperwork and another four hours to fill out the forms. Still, I feel satisfied, as if a hard job is well done (I'll know when I get the tax-return if it really was well done).

Returning to my revision, everything seemed so much easier. So much for a new perspective! Revision is going smoothly and my hubby (who is beta reading) tells me that he likes and (what's more) understands the story. That is a good sign. With only four more weeks to go before the competition closes I am confident that I will make it.

Keep following your dreams,


Marina said...

Anything would seem easier after struggling with tax forms!

texannesideways said...

Yes, it is almost tax time here, too. We just hope that the government doesn't decide to keep the refunds as California did.

Glad to hear that your revisions are going well. Would love to say the same, but I can't tell such a lie!