Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too Little Time


I think that somehow the days have too little time. Has it been like that the other years too? I can't remember. Today, for example, we went swimming with the kids, I folded loads of dry clothes and helped my daughter's friend with her English vocabulary. And that's it, another day gone by. If I am not too tired (and if I don't watch TV tonight which I haven't done since I started NaNo - except for the news at 8pm) I might get some reading done on "Thicker Than Water". Luckily, with Holly's revision technique I get along much faster than with previous projects. I'm already half way through the book. It might take another week or two to get everything typed in but I will be done in time for the great "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award". If only their server doesn't break down with millions of authors trying to register at the same time.

Sometimes, I really wish for longer minutes ... and for a set of four tentacles in addition to my hand ... and a second head with a good brain would be quite helpful, too. Heck, while we're at it, another me would be wonderful. Preferably someone who loves doing the dishes and cleaning the house. I'd take care of the kids and the writing, thank you-no me. Guess, it would be rather confusing to be two people at the same time, wouldn't it.

Wish you a lot of fun with "What if...",

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