Wednesday, January 14, 2009



I have previousely mentioned that I already started teh revision of "Thicker Than Water" (TTW). With Holly's one pass revision it was so easy to spot the weak scenes and to figure out how to make them stronger. I am so glad I took this course. So many of Holly's techniques save me a lot of time. If I look at TTW: it took me less that three months from the outline to the finished draft (including revision and regardless of the fact that I didn't write much in December).

What I enjoyed most in this project was that none of the characters did things I hadn't planned. I did deviate a bit from the original storyline but the characters are still those I had planned. This story for once was more fun than work to write. I hope that my future stories will go equally well.

The next step, after typing in my revision notes, is to work my way through spelling once more. After that I will return to the revision of "Victor's Wut", the second volume in the Waldmann-family-saga. I promise to translate it as fast as I can.

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